means the total financial result in the Client Account after the last Completed Transaction and depositing/withdrawal operation at any period of time.
shall mean the Balance plus or minus any Floating Profit or Loss that derives from an Open Position and shall be calculated as: Equity = Balance + Floating Profit - Floating Loss.
means the necessary guarantee funds so as to open or maintain Net Open Position in a CFD Transaction.
shall mean the amount of funds available in the Client Account, which may be used to open a position or maintain an Open Position. Free Margin shall be calculated as: Equity less (minus) Necessary Margin [Free margin = Equity- Necessary Margin].
has the meaning given to it in clause 5.4 of this Agreement.
(Equity / margin) *100=margin level
The higher the margin level, the lower the risk of your account This number is up to one hundred. You can open a new trade, and below 100, brokers will not allow you to open a new trade, and only a limited number of brokers will allow you to open a hedge trade so that the account is not marginal.
When a support or resistance level is broken, it sometimes returns to the broken level and continues on its way again, this is called a pullback.
shall mean the situation when the Meta Trader system shall automatically and via the Platform inform the Client to deposit additional Margin when the Client does not have enough Margin to open or maintain Open Positions (If your broker allows hedging the account) * In STP Trading broker, the margin number of the account is the margin level of 50.
For when there is no margin level account and it starts to close the position and usually the position that has the most negative is closed, to close all the positions in order. In STP Trading broker, Stop Out is 30 We hope friends do not experience the stop-out and call margin.
Overnight interest rates are amounts that are calculated to keep trades open That is, when you open a trade and it reaches 12 o'clock at night, at that moment, the sham swaps the trade and this can be positive or negative.
The difference between Ask and bid is called Spread!
At the price level where we buy a currency pair!
At the price level where we sell a currency pair!
The maximum amount of damage allowed in a trade, which is usually abbreviated to SL.
A take profit, denoted by the acronym TP, is the price or price range that automatically closes a position with a profit. (TP)
The smallest size available in a currency unit for trading in the market Forex is used. (LOT)
Stands for Point in Percentage and is used among all traders in international markets and is a measure of the exchange rate change. (PIP).
The word trigger is used for a situation the trader has taken all the steps and is just waiting for the right opportunity to enter the desired share. (Trigger)
When you receive a loan from the bank, in addition to repaying the original loan, you pay an excess amount to the bank, in fact the amount you pay to compensate for the devaluation of the money paid today and receive in the future is called interest rate.
An analysis in Forex that is done to predict prices in financial markets through studies of the past market situation, which is based on market price fluctuations.
Fundamental analysis is the study of factors that fundamentally affect the price of what you trade.
Consists of twelve members, seven members of the Federal Reserve Council, the chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and four of the remaining eleven chairmen of the Reserve Bank of America (FOMC).
US non-agricultural employment is the monthly economic report. The report is published every month and shows the work situation in this country.
The most important macroeconomic analysis of any country, it shows the welfare and standard of living of each country.
Purchasing Managers Index is studied by the Purchasing Managers Association by examining 300 purchasing managers who are from 20 different types of industries. If this index is above 50%, it shows the improvement of business conditions, and if it is less than 50%, it shows the contraction of the economy.
The word PPI stands for Producer Price Index, which is an important part of economic information, and information about this index is published in the second week of each month.
Shows changes in the market price level of consumer goods and services purchased by households. This index is a statistical estimate that uses the sample price of items to collect their prices periodically and Be made!
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