What is FOREX?

Today, with the use of the Internet, it is possible for investors to monitor the momentary developments and fluctuations of all stock exchanges in the world and take advantage of investment opportunities anywhere in the world. Forex is the science and art of trading different currencies and making a profit through it. In simple terms, Forex is an international exchange for trading currencies, stocks and commodities.

Forex is a Latin term derived from the two words Foreign Exchange, which means the exchange of foreign currencies. Due to the significant fluctuations and high volume of transactions, this market has provided a good opportunity for individuals and institutions that want to trade on the international stock exchange.

In general, the participants and organizers of this market are: governments, banks and central banks, financial institutions, individuals and legal entities, etc.

The Forex market, like other trading markets, is risky; Forex trading is not inherently risky, but the way traders (mostly beginners) trade in Forex is risky, but by using skills and tools such as market information, training, analysis, economic news, etc., you can take risks. Brought the deal to the lowest possible level.

The advantages of the Forex market compared to the stock market include the following 24-hour market and high liquidity, two-way market, leveraged credit transaction, possibility of investing with little capital.

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