What is the STP Trading broker platform like?

All platforms offered by the broker STP Trading are located directly on a real financial market and the company provides access to real prices through the most modern electronic technology available and does not interfere in pricing itself.

 The platforms are provided free of charge to our dear customers.

Are the prices and terms of the demo and real account the same?

All prices and other conditions in the demo account are in accordance with the actual prices and market conditions, and the demo account is connected to a highly secure network. Of course, keep in mind that the prices corresponding to each account in the demo and the real one, are the same, and the speed of the real platform is higher than the demo.

How to open a demo (virtual) account?

In the cabin, you can easily open a variety of demo accounts

What is the validity period of the demo account?

There is no time limit.

How to get a trading platform?

You can download the relevant file from the trading environment section.

How to install MT5 platform?

• Go to the STP Trading website and click on the MT5 download option, then run the downloaded file.

• After reading the rules, agree to it and then click Next.

• In the window that opens, specify the installation location of the file.

• Click Finish to install the software on your system.



Do I need a VPN to access the platform?

No, there is no need for a VPN.

How to log in to your account?

• After installing and entering the program, to start the business, click on Login to Trade Account in the File section. 

• Then, by entering the username, password and selecting the server, click on the "Login" option.

What is the reason for Invalid Account error?

This is due to incorrect username, password or wrong server selection.

When will we encounter No Connection status?

• No internet connection

• Old version MT 5

• Limitations created by Firewall software

What is your LEVERAGE?

The lever provided is 1: 100.

How can the amount of leverage in the trading account be changed?

Traders can get the necessary information by contacting the support department.

How to create a new order?

• In the Market Watch window, you can right-click on the desired trading tool and select “Select New Order”. 

• Click New Order from the top bar. Another way is to use the F9 shortcut key.



Why is the number visible on the platform when closing the Sell position different from the number where the order was closed and registered?

Because in the platform, the Ask rate is disabled by default, and in the Sell position, the order is closed with Ask, while the number shown in the platform is the Bid rate.

How to activate Ask line on the platform?

1-Tools >>> Option >>> Chart >>> Show ask line

2-Right click >>> properties >>> Common >>> Show ask line


Can EXPERT ADVISORS be used in transactions?

Yes. The use of all automatic trading methods is allowed.


Can I use a script?

Yes. You can use any script on your charts.

How many indicators can be adjusted on a chart?

There are no restrictions in this regard.

Is it permissible to use scalping and hedging in the transaction?

Yes. Real STP accounts have the best capability for scalping and hedging.

How to report the HISTORY of the trading account?

Traders can receive their trading performance report at the end of each month from the downloads in personal cabin.




How to log out of your account?

  • Go to the Navigator section on the platform.    

 Double click on your active account •  

  • In the window that opens, delete your Username and Password.

  • Click on Log in to disconnect from the server.

What should be considered before investing in the Forex market?

What should be considered before investing in the Forex market? Before a real trade, you should enter this market by getting training and having complete information. To succeed in this market, you need to plan for each of your transactions and pay special attention to investment management.


Is Forex trading a form of betting?

In gambling, people start playing based on their luck and may win a lot of money, but this only happens if other people participating in the game lose their invest, while Forex is not considered a game at all, but a business market. It is very wide and large, and traders can make money like other businesses by gaining knowledge and learning the necessary strategies. These exchanges are done with reputable and backed global banks, and there is no need for others to lose money in order to maintain their invest and the profitability of their trades. For those who follow this principle, Forex is considered a win-win situation. 

Is Forex trading a pyramid scheme?

In a pyramid activity, in addition to investing, one is required to invite more people in a step-by-step manner (two people, two people) to invest more and receive commissions from them, otherwise the money just moves and does not circulate. But in Forex and the capital or stock market in general, the person who operates does not need to introduce another person and only operates in a two-way market, such as buy and sell, so it is completely wrong to compare pyramid activity with the Forex market.


Does Forex trader income include taxes?

No, according to current rules in Forex Brokerage, the income from trading in Forex is not taxable.


What is a broker and why do clients work with it?

To enter the Forex market and trade in it, it is necessary for the user to sign a contract through a broker or broker who provides the necessary platform and is connected with the financial resources of the liquidity provider of the Forex market (Liquidity Providers) and through this trade. A broker is an intermediary between real and legal traders in the Forex market. The main role of the broker is to transfer the trader to the global Forex market.


Which broker is better for me?

It is recommended that you choose the right broker based on your specific strategy and conditions. If you have any questions in this regard, our partners in the broker are ready to provide you with advice.


How does a broker earn from customer transactions?

Normally, broker income in the Forex market is realized in two ways. In the first case, brokers' income is from the commission that they receive from the user according to the volume of trades, and in the second case, a certain percentage is added to the offered spread.


How does a broker earn from customer transactions?

Normally, broker income in the Forex market is realized in two ways. In the first case, brokers' income is from the commission that they receive from the user according to the volume of trades, and in the second case, a certain percentage is added to the offered spread.



Does the broker share in the profits and losses of the traders?

No. The STP broker does not share in the profits and losses of the transaction. These brokers send the user's request directly to the financiers, do not interfere in the transaction and do not involve themselves in determining the rate of trading instruments.


What do you need to do the transaction?

You can do business anywhere in the world by computer or smartphone over the Internet and there will be no space restrictions.


- What training is needed to do trading?

Before starting a trade, by getting information about market conditions, practicing with a demo account and gaining experience in fundamental and technical analysis, the necessary preparation can be obtained.


How does news and analysis in the Forex market help the user?

The user can predict the market trend to some extent based on news and analysis.

How to access economic analysis and news?

They can be accessed in the market analysis section of the broker's website as well as in the company's telegram channel.

What are the causes of losses in the Forex market?

Lack of sufficient information before trading, trading based on emotions and using high trading levers regardless of the potential risks are the reasons for losses in this market.





How to track the transactions made?

You can track your trades by logging in to your account through the trading platform, as well as contacting dedicated support.


Will holding the position overnight be risky?

Because the Forex market is open 24 hours a day, market fluctuations may affect your open trades during the hours you are engaged in other activities; Therefore, to reduce this risk as much as possible, it is important to calculate the margin level conditions as well as determine the Take Profit and Stop Loss commands.





What is the base currency and the quoted currency?

Base Currency is the first currency in each currency pair that represents the base currency versus the second currency. Quote Currency is the second currency in a currency pair.


What is a Forex Commission?

It is a certain amount that the broker receives from the client as a commission according to the volume of the transaction.


Is it possible to meet in person at the broker?

Yes. It is possible to meet in person with prior arrangement in the broker, and investors can meet and talk directly with the supporter and other employees of their choice by appointment.




What are the working hours of the company?

It is offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Also, our colleagues in the administrative and financial departments are ready to answer your questions and problems on weekdays (Monday to Friday) from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM Turkish time.


Can I control my transactions over the phone?

Yes. You can control your transactions by calling your sponsor.


How many accounts is each person allowed to open in a broker?

Each person is allowed to create only one real account in each type of account.


What are the documents required to open a broker account?

Passport or valid identification document, email and phone.


Does the broker offer a BOUNCE?

Yes. Removable and loss bonuses are available to all traders.


MARGIN CALL At what level of margin does it occur?

The call margin level in the broker is 50%.


STOP OUT At what level of margin does it occur?

The stop-out level in trading accounts is 30%.


Does the broker give us a signal?

No. It is better for each person to enter this market according to their strategy.




Does the broker provide daily analysis?

Yes. Technical analysis and economic news are provided daily on the company's website or virtual networks.


What is the minimum deposit for each type of trading account?

There is no limit to the amount of the deposit.


Do you offer BINARY OPTION trades?

No. We do not offer any services such as Binary Options which are gambling in nature and in contrast to the core nature of the market which is based on analysis, patience and patience.


Is it possible to change the balance in the demo account?

Yes, it is possible to increase or decrease the demo account balance by contacting the support.


How long does it take to transfer the requested amount from the real account?

All withdrawals from trading accounts will be deposited into the bank account mentioned in the contract within three hours after receiving the request and confirming it.


Is it possible to deposit money into the trading account during the night hours?

Yes, it is possible to deposit the amount to your account overnight.


Do you have possibility to withdraw overnight?

 Yes. It is possible in special circumstances. Due to limited banking activities at night, it is not possible to withdraw from trading accounts. Contact your support for more information.



When I have an open trade, am I able to withdraw?

Yes. When you have an open trade, you can withdraw your free margin. Of course, paying attention to the margin level is very important to continue open trades and prevent them from closing.


What is the maximum withdrawal from the trading account?

If there is no open transaction, the total amount in the account is acceptable.


Will someone else allow you to delete your account?

No. Perform the operation simply by an account holder or legal attorney who can

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