STP Trading broker needs to hire professional traders to trade PAMM account (portfolio)

Conditions of employment:

  • Transaction on a personal live account with the desired deposit in a period of at least 60 days in STP Trading broker with least drawdown and reasonable profit.
  • An account with any deposit amount is accepted.
  • There is no charge from the trader for participating in this test. He is allowed to deposit or withdraw money from his personal account at any time.
  • This selection is a single step and does not require the next step
  • Two types of traders are hired: 1- Scalper traders 2- Long term traders
  • The broker must earn the least drawdown (risk on the account) and the most profit
  • Only the traders on the STP Trading BROKER live account will be checked.
  • The accounts that the trader receives for the trade after hiring are supervised by the STP Trading Broker team
  • All traders in English, Arabic, Persian, etc. are invited.

Activity conditions:

After hiring, the first six months of cooperation will be online and after that, you will receive an invitation to attend the head office.

salary and benefits:

Hire a trader, based on a salary of $ 5,000 per month and a percentage of profits and insurance after a period of 6 months.

The test starts at the beginning of 2022.

Use our live chat or contact STP Support if you have any questions or need more information

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